Sincrudos de Oriente, Sincor C.A. - Caracas, Venezuela

Owners: Total Oil and Gas South America, P.D.V.S.A., Statoil Sincor AS, Norsk Hydro Sincor AS.


Leader of Task Force set up to identify costs and expenditure incurred by the shareholders before the ‘Final Decision to Proceed’ with the project. Negotiating and making recommendations for a settlement between the shareholders.

Leader of Task Force with responsibility of establishing costs and negotiating and agreeing terms for the withdrawal of Norsk Hydro Sincor AS from the project.

Preparation of terms of agreement between Sincor C. A. (Operating Company) and the shareholders for the secondment of personnel to Sincor C. A. by the shareholders.

Preparation and implementation of procedures for the completion and approval of time sheets and the processing of recorded information for Sincor C. A.

Preparation of budgets, accruals and other financial information for the Accounts Department of Sincor C. A.