Bedlam Furnaces

Client: Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust with the support of Historic England

Steel canopy roof to protect Scheduled Monument No 340

The remains of the Bedlam blast furnaces are located on the north bank of the River Severn just outside Ironbridge. The furnaces date from 1759 and are of national significance as they were amongst the first in the country to be built specifically to smelt iron ore with coke to produce cast iron.

Abraham Darby III bought the site in 1776 and may have cast components of the first iron bridge here in 1779.

Exposure to the elements led to the deterioration of the masonry structures and the monument was added to Historic England’s Heritage At Risk Register in 2014.

Following completion of the canopy works in October 2017 the monument has now been taken off the at risk register.

The cable stayed structure utilises piled foundations, 83 tonnes of structural  steelwork and 780m2 of roof cladding.

Working for the Trust, we carried out cost planning as the design evolved, prepared NRM2 bills of quantities for tender and provided a full post contract service. The project was completed within budget.

Temporary support structure prior to steelwork erection

Completed project

Architect’s rendered image (Arrol & Snell Ltd)

Steelwork erection in progress

Connection detail

Completed roofscape

Existing site

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